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What learning Qur'an online is? It is a helpful and easy means for Muslims who have a great desire for learning the recitation and... Read more
Where are you located? our association is located in the Arabic  Republic of Egypt, especially in Minia Governorate,... Read more
How do I get started? Fill the online Registration form free trail lessons or contact school administration via... Read more
Who are your tutors? Qur'anic tutors involved in Global Qur'anic School have obtained Ijazah of Qur'an memorization and... Read more
What if I (or my child) is not computer or internet expert users? Our engineers will guide you and your child through the basic installation of the software, it... Read more
What you need to get started? A personal computer / laptop. A Broadband internet connection DSL/ Cable.  A computer... Read more
What is the suitable age/ level for registration in the Global online Qur'an school? No certain (specific – default) age is required for registration in the Global online Qur'an... Read more


  • Sheikh Ahmed Khalaf
    A member in the Glorious Qur'an revision committee in Al-Azhar

    A unique school

    Global Qur'an school is affiliated with Re3ayt Hafazat Alqur'an Association in Egypt. Global Qur'an School is distinguished and unique in its curriculum, educational methods, smart programs, and highly –experienced tutors. It surpasses so many countries because of its accurate awareness of the Qur'anic concept. Global Qur'an school imposes is distinctive style to become the bright lamp of various Qira'at through which pious Muslims interested in the Glorious Qur'an and its Science could learn.